The You Aesthetics Team

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Owner, Advanced Aesthetics Director

Owner and aesthetic director of Stamford’s best kept secret, You Aesthetics Aesthetics, Beauty and Wellbeing

Michelle has worked in the aesthetic industry for 6 years and is renowned for her warm, professional, friendly, and honest approach in enabling all clients to look and feel amazing. Michelle enjoys analysing skin and providing guidance on treatment plans bet suited to repair, protect and improve skin.

Through individual consultations, Michelle will signpost the specialisms in her team to enhance natural beauty and provide client centred solutions to achieve a fresh and revitalised appearance of skin. Michelle truly believes the best aesthetics goes unnoticed.

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Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner

Glynn is a qualified beauty therapist and former Estée Lauder makeup artist.
His interest in preventing skin aging led him to explore other possibilities and he completed his Aesthetic Practitioner training in 2020.

Passionate about skin and skin aging, if you meet Glynn he will share with you his favourite skin boosting treatments, meso microneedling, ZO skincare and vitamin IV therapy.

Glynn is also a trained colonic hydrotherapist and loves the many benefits this brings to our clients wellbeing and skin.

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Massage and Beauty therapist

Maddie is a qualified level 2 and 3 beauty therapist here at You Aesthetics. Her favourite thing about her profession is making her clients feel good within themselves and their mental well-being. Which led her into doing other treatments such as massage therapy and colonic hydrotherapy. She has recently explored the love for skin training in ZO Medical skincare and doing micro needling treatments, as she feels as though every single person should feel confident in the skin they are given. Making clients feel confident and good within themselves is the reason why she loves doing what she does.

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Massage and Beauty therapist

Hello im Louise, I’ve been passionate about beauty since childhood. Id always sit and paint my friends nails or do their hair, I take great pride in making sure every client goes away feeling amazing and happy with their treatment. I am fully qualified with levels 1, 2 and 3 NVQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy. In my spare time I enjoy practicing my hair, nails and makeup as well as baking and listening to music. 

You Aesthetics Partners

Professionals that work with us in You Aesthetics Clinic

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Advanced Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner

Faye has been a qualified nurse for over 20 years still working for the NHS in GP out of hours centres. She has been practicing aesthetics for 5 years and is a medical prescriber. Her favourite treatment to do is cheek filler as it always gives amazing results. She’s passionate about caring for people and making them happy and healthy inside and out.

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Nurse – Stamford Ear Care

I am an NMC registered nurse who lives in Stamford, I have nine years ear irrigation experience,  and previous experience working as a practice nurse, community nurse and an A&E nurse.

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Tina Clark

Health Coach and Behaviour Change Specialist

I am a Health Coach and Behaviour Change Specialist. I began my career in 2015 working alongside the NHS in a GP surgery. After learning from many of the people I worked with that stress was one of the leading reasons for their unhealthy habits and behaviours, I chose to take a holistic approach and became a qualified Massage Therapist. Now, I help women to make healthier choices by getting to the root cause of their lifestyle related health issues, using massage therapy as a tool to calm the mind and manage stress.

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Advanced Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner

Some qualified as a nurse 12 years ago and she has practiced aesthetics for the last 6 years. Her main interest is to build peoples confidence by adding natural and subtle enhancements.

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Environmental Health registered above the waist female body piercer

Trained intensively at the London Piercing Academy. Body Piercing is a beautiful statement to enhance a body, whether it’s a fashionable ear design or to a discreet tummy or nipple piercing offering body safe jewellery in a luxury piercing studio.
Piercing under 16s with parental consent in a safe and clean environment.



Counselling Therapist

Joe is a qualified level 5 Counselling Therapist specialising in Person-Centred therapy. He brings a relaxing and calm presence, and is an excellent listener, while being non-judgemental and loaded with empathy. Joe is a scholar of his profession and studies constantly, always looking for new ways to support people. With a light-heart and a string spiritual connection, Joe always looks forwards to meeting his clients, new and current.