Counselling Therapy

Person-Centred counselling puts the client first. With complete confidentiality, and within a safe and private setting clients will be empowered to speak about their deeper feelings and thoughts. Clients will receive no judgements, but lots of active listening and empathy. As trust builds within the therapeutic relationship clients feel more comfortable to open further, and then when the deep underlying issues are identified, and goals are agreed the healing process can begin. Treating depression, anxiety, self-confidence issues, bereavement, and many other issues, this type of counselling is effective for the long-term. No advice or guidance is given to clients, clients are encouraged to help themselves to choose and live by their own decisions made in counselling.



Counselling Therapist

Joe is a qualified level 5 Counselling Therapist specialising in Person-Centred therapy. He brings a relaxing and calm presence, and is an excellent listener, while being non-judgemental and loaded with empathy. Joe is a scholar of his profession and studies constantly, always looking for new ways to support people. With a light-heart and a string spiritual connection, Joe always looks forwards to meeting his clients, new and current.


Appointments available on Saturdays Face to Face or via Zoom. To book simply use our online booking system, for zoom appointments contact