Through dynamic movement of the platysma bands, unwanted bands become visible on the neck. Using Botulinum Toxin A to help soften vertical lines on your neck, resulting in a smoother, tighter more defined jawline. Botox can be used to reduce the “pull” effect the platysma has, reducing both the visible bands and the heaviness in the jowl area.

Once treated, the muscles in the neck are more relaxed. From this, there is an upward pull from facial muscles creating a younger looking jawline and neck. The Botox neck lift is a fast acting, safe procedure that is still the first choice for many patients who are wanting to achieve a natural and more youthful appearance.

Create a younger looking jawline and neck, the effects may take up to two weeks to be seen, and typically last around 12 weeks.

Treatment Benefits

  • Smooth’s the neck and jawline
  • Reduces jowls
  • Lifts lower face
  • No need for invasive surgery


Anaesthetic & Downtime

  • No numbing cream applied
  • No Downtime


  • From £150

Consultations & Bookings

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